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NTHU is able to provide accommodations for our visitors from abroad in two guest houses: Guest House I and Guest House II.

Short-term stay:
NTHU faculty, visiting scholars, parents of current NTHU students, and alumni who are looking for accommodation for one month or less are welcome to apply. (Parents must show their child’s student identification card, and alumni must present their alumni identification card or verification from the Office of the Secretariat.

Long-term stay:
 The following persons are invited to apply for temporary housing:
    (1) Visiting faculty members;
    (2) Newly employed full-time faculty
    (3) Other invitees of NTHU

Guest House Type of Stay Rates Reservation Contact Tel (Local number)

Guest House I

Short-Term Stay

from NT$1,500/ day up
Reservation 03-5742100
Long-Term Stay from NT$8,000/ month up
Reservation 03-5162284

Guest House II
Long-Term Stay from NT$10,000/ month up
Reservation 03-5162284

For more information, please visit here

Guest House I Please Contact (03)5742100
Long-Term Stay Please Contact Ms. Hsu (03)5162284