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  1. Am I eligible to apply as an international student?
  Please refer to our Admission Instructions for International Students and Ministry of Education (MOE) Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan
  2. How do international students apply?
  Please refer to Online Application Procedure.
  3. What documents are required for the application?
  Please refer to our Admission instructions for International Students for required documents and program-specific requirements.
  4. Do I need to send in hard copies of the applications to NTHU after online application is done?
  It is not necessary to send the hard copies of applications to NTHU.
  5. Can I apply through email, fax or personal delivery?
  No, We only accept applications through online.
  6. When are applications due?
  Fall Semester Application Period: 
Undergraduate Admission: November 15 - January 15  17:00pm (Taiwan Time) 
Graduate Admission: January 1 - March 15  17:00pm (Taiwan Time) 

Spring Semester Application Period: 
August 15 - October 16  17:00pm (Taiwan Time)
  7. What programs offered for international students?
  Please refer to our Admission Instructions for International Students for academic programs offered at NTHU.
  8. Where can I get information about programs including curriculum, teaching format and graduation requirements, etc.?
   Please refer to webpage of each department/institute. You may also contact the department/institute directly.
  9. Can I apply for more than one program?
  Yes. One can apply more than one program at once but in case of two admissions are granted, students only can choose one program.
  10. If I have not received my diploma by the application deadline, what should I do?
  For applicants expecting to graduate in this semester, please submit an enrollment letter issued by their school showing their year of study.
  11. Can applicants upload recommendation letters?
  No, after filling out the information and name of referral, the system will automatically send an email to your referral to upload recommendation or fill out online recommendation.
  12. What if the referral did not get the notice from Online Recommendation System?
  If the referral did not receive the notification email, please inform the referral to check e email in the Spam mail box. If still can’t find it, please contact us.
  13. Do I have to submit financial proof?
  Applicants must provide either the scholarship certificate (scholarship application is not considered) or the bank statement with minimum USD 4000. If the bank statement is not in the account of the applicant, please submit a sponsorship letter.
  14. Do I have to submit Chinese or English Proficiency certificates?
  Please refer to Admission Instructions for International Students to see if the programs you are applying to require any language proficiency certificates.
  15. Do my application materials need to be in a particular language?
  If your application materials include any documents that are not in Chinese or English, you must provide us with an official English or Chinese translation in addition to the original documents.
  16. Is there any application fee?
  No application fees required.
  17. What English-taught courses are offered at NTHU?
  For information about English-taught courses, please refer to curriculum webpage for the detailed information.
  18. Can international students apply for scholarships?
  International students can apply for the NTHU international student scholarships through the Center for Continuing Education. To learn more about scholarships please refer to webpage Scholarship Information.
  19. What are the office hours?
  8:30 AM–5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Taiwan time.
  20. If I have any further questions regarding admission application, whom to contact?
  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at hcchan@mx.nthu.edu.tw.