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Foreign Student Association

NTHU Foreign Students Association (FSA) is organized for the purpose of promoting foreign students’ interests and safeguard their well-being while studying at NTHU. FSA also organize festivities and celebrations for special holidays, presenting an International Week that promotes cultural exchange between international and domestic students, and holds an International Food Festival annually to showcase delicacies from nations represented among the international student community.
FSA welcomes all foreign students to join the NTHU family!

FSA, Foreign Students Association
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Foreign-Student-Association-NTHU-1431082267153638/

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The Tsinghua Friendship Ambassadors Association (TFAA) is a social club of Taiwanese students who wish to enhance the experience of international students studying in Taiwan. By providing assistance to international students, these passionate young people help to create a diverse and friendly global village on NTHU campus. TFAA assists in campus tours, helps international students adjust and facilitate cross-cultural interaction, and participates in all of FSA’s activities, such as International Week and the International Food Festival. The members of TFAA are always glad to help the international community.

TFAA, Tsinghua Friendship Ambassador Association
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