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[Announcement] 2018 IPSA- Aeronautical Engineering School Summer Program

IPSA- Aeronautical Engineering School Summer Program 2018
Created 50 years ago, IPSA (Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées) is an aeronautical and space systems engineering school located in Paris and Toulouse. IPSA propose to the students a 5 years graduate education program. Today IPSA claims more than ever its vocation as a specialist school in the sector. To assert its place and develop its knowledge of the area, it has built over the years solid and long-lasting partnerships with companies the air & space industry, both at civil and military levels. In line with the big decision-makers of the sector, the school proposes training in touch with the expectations of the market, allowing students to enter into a high level of active life while fulfilling their passion for air and space.
Our summer program aims at providing key concepts in design, modeling and control of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) covering both theoretical and experimental aspects. In this regard, specific drone configurations will be studied. Detailed simulations including realistic aerodynamic effects will be realized using CFD tools (STAR ccm+) to assess theses forces. Wind tunnel tests will also be carried out to firstly, achieve a real observation of the drone dynamics, and then to validate the CFD simulations results.
All courses and activities will be offered in 100% English.
Students earn 6 ECTS credits for completion of this program
Program Schedule:
July 2 – July 21, 2018
Program Fee:
Application fees: 60 €
Program Fee: 2200 € , including tuition fees, extra-curricular activities, accommodation, breakfasts and lunches (on class days) and public transport pass for 3 weeks. 
Optional: Airport transfer.
- Application form (Download)
- Documents can be submitted to this mail : international@ipsa.fr
- Deadline: May 15th, 2018
IPSA http://www.ipsa.fr/en/engineering-school/aeronautical-space
Flyer (Download)
Learning outcomes (Download)