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[Announcement] 2018 AG Capital - SSE Riga Finance Challenge

2018 AG Capital - SSE Riga Finance Challenge
About The Challenge
The SSE Riga Finance Challenge is a brand new competition for high-school and university students from all over the world, which has no analogues in the Baltics. 
Participants will get an opportunity to apply the knowledge in Economics and Finance in practice as well as to win valuable prizes amounting to EUR 1700! The online preliminary rounds start on April 9, 2018 and last for 4 weeks, after which 15 best-performing teams are invited to the Grand Final to the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. 
Participants are required to form teams of 3 people and come up with a name of a team (consisting both of letters and numbers, and each team member must register; however, during the whole game there will be 1 account per team). If you do not have enough team members, you will be randomly assigned to other participants with the same condition.
The Preliminary Rounds
The competition challenges contestants to complete tasks on Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Valuation, Investment Banking, Portfolio Management and Macroeconomics.
Online Registration: From February 5 to April 8
Preliminary Round 1: From April 9 to April 18
Preliminary Round 2: From April 19 to May 3
The Final Event
Grand Final: May 19 and May 20
The final event takes place in Riga, Latvia, best performing teams are invited to the final, where they will compete in solving cases on Finance which will be evaluated by professional judges from the industry. The winning team gets a prize of EUR 1000, the second place gets EUR 500 and the third place gets EUR 200, as well as valuable prizes from our sponsors.
The tasks for preliminary rounds will be available in the participant's profile on website www.sserfc.com, where one can also find useful preparation materials and the results section.
About AG Capital
AG Capital is a financial services and advisory firm providing Chief Financial Officer services to small and medium sized enterprises throughout Europe. We specialise in working with companies that do not have their own CFO or who have specific problems that require the expertise of a highly trained financial specialist.
Our primary services are; financial planning (budgets and analysis, profitability calculations, results analysis and presentation of enterprise monthly performance), raising secured funding and selection of banking services.
-Finance Challenge Website: http://sserfc.com/
-AG Capital website:http://www.agcapital.eu/
-SSE Riga Finance Challenge Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBV75xp73Tc