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[Announcement] The AEARU STEM Summer Camp Program 12-19 Aug (USTC)

2018 The AEARU STEM Summer Camp Program 12-19 Aug (USTC) 
The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is proud to announce that we will host the “AEARU Student Summer Camp 2018” from August 12 to 19, 2018. 
This Summer Camp is designed for talented undergraduate students who are currently studying at the AEARU member universities, and who wish to create value through innovation as future scientists.
Theme: Innovation in Science and Technology: Engine for Development
“Science and technology have served as the primary productive force in driving China’s economy. While strengthening basic research, we have encouraged the scientific personnel to compete in the market and create their own value. Innovation is the perpetual engine driving development and progress of humanity.” (Special Address at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015, China Premier Li Keqiang)
During the Camp, participants will study the cutting edge research at USTC, learn the experience of linking university and industry, see how years of fundamental research could give rise to spin-off company, and experience Anhui culture and traditions near Hefei area. The program consists of campus tours, laboratory visits, visits to spin-off high tech companies, city tour, cultural experiences, workshops, and various social events.
While participants are NOT required to have a specific academic background, they are required to communicate in English throughout the program.  
About the Program
Dates: August 12-19, 2018
Venues: University of Science and Technology of China
1. Registration Fee USD $150 which covers accommodation, parties, local transportation, and excursion to Yellow Mountain and Hongcun village during the program.
2. Required travel insurance
- Be currently a full-time registered NTHU student 
- Have proof of English proficiency
Important Dates:
 - Application Deadline: 5pm May 2, 2018
 - On-line Application for Nominated Students Deadline: May 18, 2018
 - Admission Notification: Estimated Jun 1-8, 2018
Step 1 - Finish On-line Application Form (Click)
Step 2 - Prepare Documents
(1) USTC Application Form (Download)
(2) NTHU Application Form (Download)
(3) English Proficiency Certificate
(4) Supporting materials
*Students must be nominated by NTHU for the further procedure*
Step 3 - Email  
- Please email ONE pdf file of all documents and (1)USTC application form.xls  to dga@my.nthu.edu.tw
- Kindly states subject " 2018 The AEARU Summer Camp 15-28 July (PKU) - XX(department) XX (name) “ in the email
Step 4 - Hand In 
- Please bring the hard copy of (1) Application Form to the DGA office (Room 111, General Building) 
All steps should been done by 5pm Apr 30, 2018 
 Preliminary Program Schedule (Download)
 AEARU Student Summer Camp 2018 USTC announcement (Download)
Contact Information
Division of General Affairs, Office of Global Affairs
Phone:03-5715131 #33428
E-mail: dga@my.nthu.edu.tw
Attn: Tess Wu