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[Announcement] 2018 IIT Madras Winter School


2018 IIT Madras Winter School 現在開始報名囉!

印度清奈 - IIT Madras  (Indian Institute of Technology) 2018 Winter School on social entrepreneurship (Click)

About the Course
Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship organises two-week Winter School on Social Entrepreneurship, which provides classroom knowledge, immersive/experiential learning, self-study and peer learning opportunities to student-participants, with varied academic backgrounds, about Social Entrepreneurship and its related ecosystem, with specific interest and focus upon the geo-cultural and socio-economic context of Asia.

Course Dates: Dec 03rd – 14th, 2018

Course structure :
- 2 weeks of classes + Field trips
- 30+ hours of Lectures by IITM faculty and Visiting Faculty
- Interactions with accomplished Social Entrepreneurs
- Discussions on Case Studies and Documentaries
- 2 Field trips to local social enterprises
- Study visit to Lions Aravind Institute and Hospital, Madurai (to be confirmed)
- 1 day Cultural trip (to be confirmed)
Total Credits Awarded – 8
Course Content :
The Rise of Social Enterprises (SEs) and Entrepreneurship
Basic Definition & Concepts of Social Entrepreneurship
SEs’ Conception, Design and Incubation
Fundamentals of Product Development: Prototyping, Testing, and IP Management
Management of SEs
Case study on various sectors – Livelihood, healthcare, energy, education & agriculture
Creativity and Innovation
Introduction to Business Planning

Course Fee:
International Students: Standard Fee: USD 1200

National Participants:

INR 35000 with accommodation
INR 25000 without accommodation
This will cover tuition fee, teaching materials, field trip costs and living expenses
Please note: International students will be responsible for the following expenses – Visa, Airfare, health & Travel Insurance and personal expenses.

NTHU Application deadline: 5pm May 23, 2018
*Students must be nominated by NTHU for the further procedure*
Host U Application deadline: Jun 1st, 2018

Step 1- Finish On-line Application Form for NTHU (Click)
Step 2 - Prepare Documents
(1) NTHU Application Form (Download)
(2) Official Transcript (English version) 
(3) A copy of passport
(4) English Proficiency Certificate 
(5) Supporting materials
 **Students must be nominated by NTHU for the further procedure**
Step 3 - Email  
Please email ONE pdf file of all documents to dga@my.nthu.edu.tw and kindly name the file and email subject "2018  IITM WP - XX(department) XX (name)" 
Step 4 - Hand In 
Please bring the hard copy of (1) NTHU Application Form only to the DGA office (Room 111, General Building 1)
All steps above should been finished by 5 pm 23th May, 2018


1. 參與營隊,須全程參與活動,不得缺課、無故離席
2. 活動結束後應主動繳交個人心得報告乙份 (中英文皆可, 250-500字,附照片佳)

Contact information
Division of General Affairs, Office of Global Affairs
Phone:03-5715131 #33428
E-mail: dga@my.nthu.edu.tw
Attention: Tess W