2017 NTHU Global Summer School

                                                                          Chinese Vision(中文版)
The 2017 National Tsing Hua University Global Summer School (NTHU GSS), July 14 to August 4, offers 9 courses in 
the fields of Taiwan’s Foreign Relations,Diagnostic Devices and Materials, Neuroimaging, Ecology, Management, Public Speaking and Mandarin courses. In addition, a three-day trip will be arranged to introduce you to various aspects of Taiwan’s rich culture. We hope you will join us this summer to make friends from all over the world and to experience Taiwan culture and society, while enhancing your knowledge in science, technology, and language. We accept only 40 participants this year. 
Click Here to Apply before May 21st ! (Quota : 40 people)
Or email the application form to dis@my.nthu.edu.tw
About NTHU (campus map):
NTHU is a renowned comprehensive research university in Taiwan with the highest rate of faculty winning national academic accolades and the most US patent holdings among Taiwan univeristies (world ranking: 11th) given its mediocre size of ~800 full time faculty members and 16,000 students. It is among the top 2 universities in Taiwan, ranking 151st in the world according to the latest QS report with several specific disciplines ranking in the top 50. Its campus, located near sceintific park at Hsinchu city, is one hour bus ride from Taipei (the Taipei-bound buses are right outside the NTHU main gate, frequent (every 10-15 min) and almost around the clock) and 40 min ride from the international airport, so you can enjoy the non-Taipei cost to have a quality stay in one of the most beautiful campuses in Taiwan for a summer.  
National Tsing Hua University has a long and proud history. First established as the Tsing Hua Academy at Tsing Hua Garden, Beijing in 1911, the first modern university in modern Chinese history, the Academy was renamed as National Tsing Hua University in 1928 as its curricula expanded to that of a full-fledged university. After WWII, in 1956, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) was reinstalled on its current campus in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Since its reinstallation, NTHU has developed from an institute focusing on Nuclear Science and Technology to that of a comprehensive research university offering degrees programs ranging from baccalaureate to doctorate in science, engineering, life science, humanities and social sciences, as well as management. NTHU has been consistently ranked as one of the premier universities in Taiwan and is widely recognized as the best incubator for future leaders in industries as well as academics. Such stellar records are particularly exemplified by the outstanding achievements of our alumni, including two Nobel laureates in physics, Dr. Cheng-Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee, one Nobel laureate in chemistry, Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee and one Wolf Prize winner in mathematics Dr. Shiing-Shen Chern. There are currently nine colleges in Tsing Hua: Arts, College of Science, Engineering, Nuclear Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Education, Electrical Engineering and Computer.
Application Deadline:
to May 21, 2017
Program Schedule: July 14 to August 4, 2017
Date Activities
July 14 (Fri) Arrival
July 17 (Mon) Welcome party
July 17(Mon)-28(Fri) Course period
July 28 (Fri) Farewell party
July 31(Mon)- August 2(Wed) A 3-day trip
* During July 15 - July 28, we also provide a free culture/technology lecture and a free computational biology workshop
1. Culture/technology lecture - Physicist Prof Hong, Tzay-Ming (洪在明) on "Curling edges: A problem that has plagued scrolls for millennia" (古畫的起瓦現象
2. An one-day computational biology workshop, delivered by Profs Lee-Wei Yang, Che Lin and Jui-Hung Hung
Course list (all the courses are offered in English except for the intermediate Chinese-learning course carried out by both Mandarin and English)

Chinese Course name

English Course name



Overview and Analysis on Taiwan’s Foreign Relations

Professor Chishin Chang


Presentation and Public Speaking in English

Professor Angela Yi-ping Hsu


Introduction to Analytics Methods in Management

Professor Kuo-Hao Chang


Overview of Diagnostic Devices and Materials

Professor Chao-Min Cheng

Professor Dehui Wan

Professor Zong-Hong Lin


Future Earth Ecology

Professor Chia-Wei Li

Professor Chen Siang Ng


Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics*

Professor Soumya Ray


An introduction to Neuroimaging

Prof Gloria Fan-Pei Yang


Mandarin Basic I

Dr Ellie Wu


Taiwan Today: An Intermediate Mandarin Course

Dr Lin, Wan-Rong

All professors provide an 18-hr course that counts for 1 credit per the standard of MOE, Taiwan
All the courses are delivered in English but less so for the intermediate Chinese-learning course.
During July 15 - July 28, we also provide a free culture/technology lecture and a free computational biology workshop
1. Culture/technology lecture - Physicist Prof Hong, Tzay-Ming (洪在明) on "Curling edges: A problem that has plagued scrolls for millennia" (古畫的起瓦現象
2. An one-day computational biology workshop, delivered by Profs Lee-Wei YangChe Lin and Jui-Hung Hung
A regular room (4 people/room)
A single room (1 person/room) - cost additional 385 USD for the 3-week stay
Culture Trip:
Dr Cecillia Koo Botanic Conservation Center 
Simply bring your swimming suits, sun glasses and sandles to enjoy the free and friendly Taiwan!
Program Fee:(1)1650 USD* Including 2 courses, housing fee, a free culture-and-technology lecture + one-day workshop, two parties and a 3-day culture trip.
(2) Discounted price of 1550 USD for students from our sister universities.
(3)We refund 130 USD if you take only one course and charge additional 105 USD if you take overall three courses.
Discounts :
(1) Apply before May 7th : 75 USD
(2) Group discount-2 persons and above : 75 USD/person
(3) Participants, recommended by a currently registered NTHU degree or exchange student, regardless domestic or foreign, enjoy a 50 USD discount.
*With a constantly small fluctuation, the currency exchange rate (USD:TWD) is usually around 1:30
Must be currently enrolled in a college or university
Online Application :
Please go to the 2017 NTHU GSS Online Application system ( Google Chrome only).
Or email the application form to dis@my.nthu.edu.tw.
Click Here to Apply before May 21st ! (請點選進入報名系統)
Or email the application from to dis@my.nthu.edu.tw.
National Tsing Hua University Global Summer School (GSS) reserves the right to admit or decline students.
Students holding a People's Republic of China passport must apply for a Taiwan Entrance Permit by The
National Immigration Agency, Taiwan, ROC. There is no guarantee that the permit will be issued.
Please be sure to purchase and obtain a medical and accident insurance before your arrival. During your stay in
Taiwan, the insurance should cover medical and hospital expenses for sickness or accidents. Medical or hospital
expenses are expected to be paid at the time of treatment in Taiwan.
Payment :
After receiving the first confirmation e-mail, please make a remittance to NTHU's bank account within 3 weeks.
You must transfer the required payment in full, with the remittance fee excluded. Then e-mail the scanned file
of the remittance receipt to dis@my.nthu.edu. Please state the name and school of applicant. 
          Bank Name: Bank of Taiwan, Hsinchu Branch 
          Swift Address: BKTWTWTP015
          Account Number: 015036070041
          Address:No.29 Linsen RD. Hsinchu,300 Taiwan, R.O.C.
          Note: Office of Global Affairs (Global Summer School)
When the application is completed, you will receive the NTHU Admission Letter which may be required when applying for the visitor visa. Please inquire the Taiwan Representative Office or Embassy in your country about the visitor visa application or visa-exempt entry to Taiwan:
*ROC (Taiwan) Embassies
 *Visitor Visas
 *Visa-Exempt Entry
The registration fee will not be refunded due to non-attendance. The payment will be partially refundable depending on the time of cancellation. Please download the "Refund Application Form" and then submit the filled form before the deadline.
Ms Nancy Kao