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Health Insurance

Health care coverage is extremely important. International students should note that after completing registration at the university and receiving their ARC, there is a six-month waiting period before they can participate in Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program. During this six-month period, international students will need to have insurance coverage, and can apply for temporary coverage for foreign nationals at the Division of General Student Affairs.

 * Insurance Fees:
International student health insurance is NT$3,000 per month for the six months of its duration.
Once students are eligible to participate in Taiwan’s National Health Insurance coverage, the insurance fees will be NT$749 per month.

 * Medical Costs:
All those who have international student insurance coverage can receive medical services by showing their proof of insurance at the University Clinic on campus. There will be a basic NT$150 charge and other charges may apply for special medication that exceeds the insurance coverage.
 * National Health Insurance Coverage Scope:
National Health Insurance coverage includes clinic visit, regular check-ups, hospital stays, and the child birth.

 * Insurance Transfer:

If an international student transfers from another university or organization to NTHU, they need to send their insurance history to the Division of General Student Affairs to complete the insurance transfer.

 * Additional Insurance for Spouse:
Once enrolled in Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Program, international students may apply for National Health Insurance for their spouse at the Division of General Student Affairs. Unfortunately, spouses are not eligible for coverage under the short-term international student insurance policy.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact the Division of General Student Affairs:
Tel: (03) 5715131 ext.34688
Fax : (03) 5714147

Division of General Student Affairs

In case of emergency, you may also attempt to contact the Northern Region Branch of the Bureau of National Health Insurance:
Tel: 03-4339111
Fax: 03-4381800  
Address: 525 Chungshan East Rd. Sec. 3, 32005 Chungli City, Taoyuan County
Northern Region Branch operating hours: 8:30-12:30 AM/ 1:30-15:30 PM (Information Center on first floor is unavailable during lunch break)
National Health Insurance information services free calling number: 0800-030598