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[Announcement] HKUST PGSO Summer Camp 2017 (Aug. 1-12, 2017)


I. What do participants get from the Summer Camp 2017?
Participants will be able to:
--- Participate in seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics including those in science and technology
     business and management issues, cross-cultural issues, and personal development.
--- Get to know Hong Kong, its geography, culture, local life, and technology developments, through visits, talks
     and outings.
--- Get to know HKUST, its research profile and facilities, and various study opportunities;
--- Use English, particularly spoken English, in academic settings with greater confidence through intensive
     training in English for Study Purposes provided by the Center for Language Education of the University.
--- English will be the language used throughout the summer camp. Participants will also have opportunities to
     interact with faculty members and local students.

II. Who should apply?
The summer camp welcomes applications from current undergraduates and master’s degree students from universities in East and Southeast Asia, including those from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Priority is given to those who are undergraduates in their senior years of study, or master’s degree students. Participants need to have a good grasp of spoken English in order to benefit from the program.

III. What are the camp dates?
Tuesday 1 August 2017 to Saturday 12 August 2017, both dates inclusive.

IV. How much is the program fee for the summer camp?
--- The program fee will be HK$7750 (about US$1000), which includes on-campus accommodation
     classes, workshops, visits and outings.
--- The program fee, which is non-refundable, is paid at the time a participant accepts
     the summer camp offer made to him or her.
--- The campus accommodation is provided from 1 to 12 August 2017 only.
     There will be no pro-rated refund if a participant stays shorter than the camp period.
--- Participants are responsible for their own airfare, travel insurance, meals
     and their personal expenses for their stay in Hong Kong

V. What is provided in the program?
--- All classes, workshops, visits and outings of Summer Camp 2017.
--- On-campus accommodation in shared twin-bedded rooms in an
     undergraduate hall of residence (check-in: 1 August 2017; check-out: 12 August 2017).
--- On satisfactory completion of the summer camp, participants will receive
     a completion certificate issued by the Office of Postgraduate Studies of the University.

VI. How to apply?
Interested students have to complete an online application form. Please click here
--- Applicants need to submit a 3-minute video recording in which they should introduce themselves 
     which university they are attending, what program they are studying, why they are interested in
     attending this summer camp offered by HKUS, and what they expect to learn or gain from this camp.
--- The video clip can be uploaded via Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive or some other medium.
     The link to the video should be provided in the online application form. 
     Applications without a video clipping attached will not be processed.
--- The deadline for application is Monday 19 June 2017
--- Successful applicants will receive notice on their application by the end of June.
* In case applicants encounter any difficulties in accessing the online application form, they are advised to access it via other channels. Applicants can apply via mobile phones or tablets as well.

VII. Travel Insurance
Participants must show proof of travel insurance before they arrive in Hong Kong for the Summer Camp.
Participants with no travel insurance cover will not be allowed to attend the camp. In such cases, fees paid will not be refunded.

VIII. What is cost of living like in Hong Kong?
While Hong Kong is an expensive city to many tourists, costs of essential daily items can be moderate.
Campus food costs are modest. Three meals a day cost around HK$100(US$13).
Fares for public transportation are reasonable. A 10-minute minibus trip from the campus to the nearest subway train costs US$70 cents. A subway ride into the city area is around US$1.6.

IX. Reference
--- Summer Camp Website:https://pg.ust.hk/sc2017
--- Application Form: https://goo.gl/M2zX3l
--- Download Program Schedule
--- Enquiries: summerprog@ust.hk