International students are eligible to apply from the following scholarships or financial support. Scholarships may come from different sources, such as NTHU, government institutions, and private organizations. Please follow the steps and processes required for a particular scholarship program. 

:: National Tsing Hua University ::
Scholarship Scholarship description Apply to whom How to apply
NTHU International Student Scholarship ● Doctoral students: NT$ 10,000  per month
● Master students: NT$ 5,000 per month
● Bachelor students: NT$ 5,000 per month
● tuition fee waived
Center for Continuing Education at NTHU Click here

NTHU Country Heights Holding Bhd Filial Piety Scholarship
● Opens to prospective undergraduate students who are Malaysian citizens
Division of Student Assistance at NTHU Please contact Division of Student Assistance
:: Government Agencies ::
Scholarship Scholarship Description Apply to whom How to apply
Taiwan Scholarship

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
●  NT$ 30,000 per month 

Ministry of Science and Technology

●  NT$ 30,000 per month 

Ministry of Education
● Doctoral students: NT$ 20,000 per month 
● Master's students: NT$ 20,000 per month  
● Bachelor students: NT$ 15,000 per month
● MOE will pay up to NT$40,000 each semester for each recipient's approved tuition, the remaining amount must be paid by the student. 

Taiwan Embassy or Taipei Economic and Cultural Office  Click here
Academia Sinica International Graduate Student Scholarship   Click here Academia Sinica Click here
Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) Scholarship Click here Taiwan Embassy or Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Click here
:: Other Scholarships::
Scholarship Scholarship Description Apply to Whom How to Apply
ITRI & NTHU Coordinated Graduate Program
(Scholarship & Internship)
● NT$ 10,000 per month
During summer/winter vacation: full-time paid internship at ITRI
-Master’s student: NT$35〜45K/month
-PhD student: NT$45〜65K/month
● Airfare subsidy (to travel to Taiwan)
NOTE: Details of your offer will be confirmed if you are selected.
Office of Global Affairs at NTHU Click here

  You may contact colleges / departments for the possibility of other financial aids.